Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries in Perth

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of playing sports is sports injuries. The good news is that because sports injuries are so common, our healthcare system has adjusted as such and we now have many more resources available to treat these injuries. Common sports injuries include knees, shoulders, joints and general muscle pain and discomfort.

Sports physiotherapy is one of the best ways to treat an injury suffered during sports. Many times, players don’t even realise that they have been injured until after the game when their body cools down and suddenly they suffer pain in the affected tendon, joint or muscle. Treatment should be undertaken as soon as possible so that the affected part can be rehabilitated quickly, otherwise further injury may develop. Treatments can include a range of different options such as massage, exercises, strapping and other techniques to get you back doing what you enjoy, pain free!

We offer treatment after hours and on Saturdays so you don’t have to suffer throughout the weekend. Treating you fast and effectively is our passion.

We offer specialised treatment and will explain to you what we are doing and why. We will draw up a treatment plan especially tailored for your injury after we have done a thorough assessment. It is far better to seek treatment than to let it go and risk ongoing problems. Often the problem can become worse and harder to treat in the long run. Physio treatment can prevent further damage from scar tissue forming due to an injury that was not treated when it should have been.

Even if you have an old sports injury that plagues you, our physiotherapy intervention can often make a big improvement, so don’t suffer from pain when you don’t have to.

We are experts in physiotherapy for sporting injuries and make a big difference in the lives of active people who love their sports. We can also help less active people regain their mobility since our treatment relieves a lot of pain people get from compensation injuries – muscles and ligaments that suffer overuse when you try and compensate for an old injury. Contact us today.

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