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We specialise in treating many different types of musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation of lower back pain using a range of extremely safe and effective techniques. We employ the latest in treatment techniques to ensure our patients recover quickly and undergo the least amount of discomfort possible. We not only help our patients become free of pain, but also Nurse helping a patient with physiotherapyimprove their mobility and increase their strength.

We treat muscles, joints, and nerves after performing a thorough evaluation and diagnosis using various tools including real time ultra sound imaging. Once the main cause and problem has been detected and assessed, we develop a treatment plan based on the patient’s health, lifestyle, and fitness level. We help our patients recover as quickly as soon as possible by providing recovery and rehabilitation which plays an important role in helping a patient get back on his feet after an accidental injury and resume an active lifestyle.

Our physiotherapists are experts in the area of function and movement of the body and highly experienced in treating musculoskeletal conditions. Instead of focusing just on the part affected, we believe in holistic treatment of the body that leads to overall well-being. Our specialized care ensures the best treatment possible, providing long term solution.

Physiotherapy intervention can play a crucial role in the treatment of a wide range of sporting injuries and chronic lower back problems. Allow us to help you get back to your normal routine with improved strength and mobility!

Services we offer include:

Professional treatment
Convenient payment options
After-hours appointments
Friendly service
Saturday appointments
Comfortable surroundings
Easy parking
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