Physiotherapy for Neck Injuries Perth

Do you suffer from neck pain? You are not alone. Neck pain and neck stiffness are common complaints and can impact your life in many ways.

From sharp pain, dull aches and tightening of the muscles to tension headaches or restriction of head movement; all these symptoms are frustrating and may prevent you from participating in your regular daily activities such as work and exercise.

There are a number of different reasons you may be experiencing neck pain and it’s important that we work with you to properly diagnose the cause of the pain. Whether it’s from an injury, poor posture, an undiagnosed illness, nerve pain or even the now common ‘text neck’, our trained physiotherapists will determine the source of your discomfort in order to map out your personalised treatment plan.

The good news is, neck pain is generally quite simple to fix. Sometimes it may be just one tight muscle causing a domino effect of painful symptoms that can be resolved over a few sessions. Other times we may need to work with you long term to resolve your neck issues. Either way, at Manning Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on our patient relationships and take time to get to know your specific needsso that we can create a customised treatment plan.

Our team are experienced in treating a vast range of neck related injuries and use only the most up to date techniques. We care about our patients and will do what it takes to help you regain your quality of life and get back to doing the things you love.

Don’t allow your neck pain to hold you back any longer. Contact us to make an appointment with our Perth based team today and begin your journey back to health.

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