Why Physiotherapy is an Essential Part of Back Pain Relief

As an essential part of back pain relief, physiotherapy undertaken by trained professionals can work wonders in alleviating persistent pain and unwanted symptoms. Lower back pain has numerous causes: most lower back pain issues are musculoskeletal in nature and are known as ‘non specific low back pain’. These particular back injuries are most commonly caused by ligament sprains, muscular strains, and joint dysfunction – this is typically the case whenever pain suddenly arises during the course of physical activity or following aloading of the spine.

Lower back pain is very common, yet while the prevalence of this condition is significantly high, the diagnosis is entirely specific to you.The best care for lower back pain is regularphysiotherapy: with the assistance of a musculoskeletal physiotherapist or a spinal health care professional, relief from this debilitating condition is possible.

Physiotherapy doesn’t only help relieve acute back pain:it can also help you work towards long lasting prevention and self management. As an expert who treats low back pain, your physiotherapist will perform a thorough back assessment to determine the location of stiff or unstable joints, degrees ofmuscle weakness and inflexibility, as well as other risk factors.

The good news is that effective measures can be taken to prevent most back pain episodes: thanks to proper lower back pain exercises and treatment guided by our team of physios based in south Perth, back pain relief is achievable. Our physiotherapists can also advise you regarding back braces and whether you’re better suited to perform specific back exercises. Most severe lower back pain sufferers can recover in four to six weeks. However, dependant on the nature of your back injury, the treatment plan developed with your physiotherapist, and compliance with your treatment plan and lower back pain exercises, this time may differ significantly.

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