Physiotherapy for Back Injuries Perth

Back injuries and back pain are common in Australia with around 25% of our population suffering from some type of back discomfort on any given day.

There are many causes for pain in the upper and lower back. From injuries, muscle strains, skeletal problems to poor posture and nerve/sciatica issues; all of which can have an impact on your mobility and quality of life. If you have had ongoing back pain that either comes and goes or has lasted more than a few weeks, it’s best to consult with a trained and qualified physiotherapist who can help determine that cause and work with you to eliminate the pain.

While it may be tempting to take bed rest, doing so can actually make the issue worse. One of the best ways to combat back pain, particularly lower back pain and sciatica issues, is to stay active. Movement is key. Often just walking can alleviate your pain however, if you have tried exercise and the pain doesn’t seem to be resolving on its own, you may require a specialised treatment plan that can help with your particular issue.

Depending on the underlying cause of your back pain or injury, your physiotherapist will create a treatment plan that may include passive physical therapies such as ice/heat packs, TENS units or Iontophoresis, active physio such as targeted exercise plans or simply massage.

At Manning Physiotherapy, our highly skilled physiotherapists care about helping you return to your regular activities and regaining your full range of moment. We will undertake a thorough consultation and listen to your symptoms so that the plan we create for you is the fastest, and most effective.

Don’t ignore your back pain! Contact our Perth based team today and find out how we can help.

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