Living with Chronic Back or Neck Pain

Living with chronic back or neck pain can be nothing short of a nightmare: in fact, pain – especially chronic or intractable pain – used to be something sufferers and physio patients alike simply had to learn to ‘live with’.However, in recent years, researchers – thanks to experiments and studies – have been able to learn a great deal about pain. Their knowledge and findings even extended to both its physiological and psychological basis – numerous factors that explain various degrees and causes of pain – which subsequently led to the development of pain management treatments. This multitude of options and solutions can effectively provide sufferers of chronic back and neck pain with either partial or even complete pain relief.

However, with all the advancements and developments within the field of physiotherapy,experts now understand that neck and back pain is neither solely about neck joints nor is it all about back muscles. In fact, there existsa vast array of information that our Perth based team of accredited physiotherapists will analyse and correct – if needed – in order to help resolve and alleviateunique and individual chronic pain problems, while also working towards offering you a long lasting treatment solution.

Brand new findings and research have shown that a whole host of specific strengthening exercises – in combinationwith neck joint and back muscle treatments performed by a highly skilled and qualified physiotherapist – can serve as an effective way of eliminatingchronic neck and back pain, headaches, stiffness, and soreness. Combating these issues early offers good news: you can significantly reduce your chances of chronic pain returning if you seek out the ideal treatments quickly. With strength and stretching exercises – in association with heat packs and biomechanical analysis – our physios operating in south Perth can help you beat chronic pain. Don’t delay or keep suffering today.

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