The Links Between Headaches and Back Pain

The combination of back pain and headaches are two very common pain symptoms which may be independent or in fact related to one another. This particularly painful ‘duo of misery’ can be caused by one or more physical reasons; a solitary psychological reason; or even a complex and intertwined combination of these two aforementioned factors that work with each other in unison. Often experienced together, back pain and headaches serve as two of the most common or prevalent types of chronic pain syndromes – their symptoms are experienced by patients worldwide. Importantly however, both suffer from a diverse range of possible causes: this effectively makes a successful or accurate diagnosis of either condition challenging and complicated.

Despite the common elements of both these pain conditions making diagnosis increasingly difficult, pinched nerves caused in the neck and upper back can lead to noticeable and significant pain in all these areas (the back, upper neck, and head). Pain subsequently experienced from a pinched nerve can be severe: it may even be accompanied by further symptoms and other disturbing effects such as vertigo, dizziness, and even nausea. Depending on the source of canal narrowing, upper cervical spinal stenosis issues and concerns can lead to a similar expression ofsymptoms in some groups of patients.

However, the good news for sufferers of both back pain and headaches is that help is available! Our friendly team of professional physiotherapists can offer you a wide variety of treatment options and physio solutions – all specially designed in order to quickly and efficiently alleviate the unpleasant symptoms brought about by headaches and back pain. Our physiotherapy clinic based in south Perth should be the first place you visit to take care of your pain. For advice on our treatment options and offered pain solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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