Physiotherapy for Knee Injuries in Perth

The knee is a remarkable piece of engineering, able to articulate through a huge range of motion, capable of withstanding severe downward force. However, the knee does have its flaws and because of the heavy demands placed on it by many people, knee injuries are common and can cause short and long term issues.

The knee is made up of a number of bones, cartilage and ligaments. The femur bone articulates with the tibia and the patella (knee cap). Between the femur and tibia, there are two pads of cartilage which essentially act as shock absorbers between the two bones. The knee is held stable by ligaments on each side of the knee and in the centre of the knee. Muscles attach via tendons to the bone. When muscles contract, they move the bones. If you injure your knee, any or all of these structures can be damaged. They may be stretched, torn or ruptured and the bones may fracture.

Some of the most common knee injuries and issues are anterior cruciate ligament injury, torn cartilage, runner’s knee, lateral collateral ligament injury, medial collateral ligament injury, Osgood Schlatters, knee arthritis, osteochondritisdissecans, jumper’s knee and patellofemoral pain.

At Manning Physiotherapy we can treat all these knee injuries and more. We focus on helping our patients relieve pain and increase strength and mobility. We use the latest methods and the most effective treatments achieve a better outcome for our patients.

With any treatment our first step is to evaluate the problem, we take time to get to know the patient and find out what is wrong so that we can create a customised treatment plan. Each patient is different and we spend time so that we are able to offer the best treatment.

Once we have a diagnosis our expert physios will start your treatment, working with you to help you though the recovery process. Contact us today.

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