The word Hydrotherapy is derived from the Greek words “Hydro” meaning “water” and “Therapia” meaning “healing”.

Hydrotherapy is useful to anyone wanting to increase their strength, flexibility, coordination and maximise speed to recovery after an injury or surgery.

The benefits of exercising in water are that a person is able to perform normal weight bearing activities with minimal pressure on the injured bone, joint or muscle. Additionally, the hydrostatic pressure exerted by the water on an injured body part further reduces oedema and swelling.

A person is also unable to fall in the water. This allows a very unsteady person to exercise in the water safely and independently.

An important feature of a hydrotherapy pool is that the temperature is between 32-34 degrees centigrade. The warmth of the water enhances blood flow, reduces stiffness and provides a comfortable environment to exercise at a rate that wont do damage to a healing injury.

Most hydrotherapy pools have an easy entry/exit point such as a ramp or hoist to assist people who cant climb down a ladder into the pool.

When a person has had a significant operation such as hip, knee or back surgery, hydrotherapy is usually recommended by the specialist for fast, effective recovery.
We at Manning/Terrace physiotherapy run two hydrotherapy sessions a week. All classes are supervised by a qualified physiotherapist and exercises are individually formulated for each participant depending on their particular needs.

Anyone can join! Please call reception 9450 4433 if you are interested.

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